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famous compositions of the greatest historical composers




The Public Domain Radio was created in 2009 as a part of the Public Domain Project. From the movement to preserve public domain recordings for our and future generations, we established the Swiss Foundation Public Domain in 2012. The foundation is a dedicated community of collectors without assets in the background, therefore we are dependent on donations.

With the help of Wikimedia CH and the SOS ETH we have started a digitizing project in 2014. A selection of 2,500 public domain 78 rpm records are cleaned and digitized. With the help of volunteers we plan to digitize in the near future our complete collection of 50,000 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders.

These digitized historical recordings we will donate in high quality to Wikimedia Commons. In addition, these recordings replace the current repertoire of Public Domain Classical.

Donations are welcome and tax deductible in Switzerland.
The repertoire of Public Domain Classical contains chamber music, orchestral works and symphonies.

The professional record cleaning machine Keith Monks 'Archivist Duo Omni' - RCM Mk. IX help us to clean dirty records. A second in hand built RCM complements our needs.

Phone +1-832-280 0886

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