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Please use the AAC+ or the mp3 links on to listen the Public Domain Radio. All available Icecast and SHOUTcast streams.

CC-BY-SA 2.5 thisisbossi (modified by Fuchur CC-BY-SA 2.5)Swiss Internet Radio (former RadioCrazy Classical&Jazz) is an internet radio broadcaster playing mainly classical music and jazz genres. After a six month test operation in 2001 we have started our service on August 2, 2002.

In December 2009 the Public Domain Radio began its daily radio transmissions for the Swiss Foundation Public Domain.

Swiss Internet Radio is a part of the Swiss Foundation Public Domain. A charitable organization in Switzerland, specialized in the conservation and utilization of public domain music and film material.

We see our mission as rescuing recordings from past decades, produced on sensitive and easily damaged materials, from deterioration and potential oblivion. Our first goal is to have gramophone records and motion pictures, which are an invaluable resource, transformed into longterm readable and usable data files by expert staff, using state of the art procedures (such as FLAC and Theora). Our second goal is the investigation of the copyright status, the cataloging of the description of any work in our database and the upload to Wikimedia Commons. Opera can continues his streaming on 1 July 2016 with protected music. We found a sponsor for paying the annual copyright royalties, that interested listeners around the globe have a platform to hear performances of known and unknown composers.

public domain imageThe Swiss Foundation Public Domain is not a capital organization. We are a community of music collectors and scientists. Our goal is the digitizing and preservation of our global cultural heritage in music. Help us with a donation!

Please use PayPal for donations to Swiss Internet Radio. With your kindly help, we will buy more 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders to adding more variety of sound.

For the maintenance of digitization, cataloging the music inside our MediaWiki, rightsclearing and the preservation of all records inside a professional archive, please use our bank account details. Donations in Switzerland are tax deductible for Swiss residents.

Thank you very much.

Bank account details, PayPal and List of the donors




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Use the drop-down list to visit the Directory of artists or the Official site of any available channel.

To watch the song history of all channels together click here.

Works which are out of copyright can be downloaded in the Public Domain Pool.

The actual Opera time table is located here.






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